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Standard Pricing

Per Person
Private lanes for four or more throwers
Per Person
Private lanes for four or more throwers

Book The Entire Space!

Booking the entire space at Hurling Hatchet guarantees privacy and personalization, ensuring your event is exclusive and tailored just for your group. It allows for a flexible schedule, where you can plan multiple activities, from axe throwing to socializing, without the constraints of sharing the space with others. Lastly, having the whole venue to yourselves creates an intimate atmosphere that encourages team bonding and creates a memorable experience that everyone will talk about long after.

Advantages for having the entire space: place to yourself, axe coaches are just for you, can bring in food (no outside drinks). Lastly, we’re not afraid of large groups! Let us know what your goals are and we can help make them happen.

Lastly, you asked and we listened – starting January 18, 2024, we will accommodate personal and corporate events/parties during daytime and evening hours during the week and on the weekends. For example:

  • Host your business holiday or annual celebration conveniently during the work day!
  • Level up your wedding rehearsal dinner with a fun and memorable experience!
  • Or, if you have a fun and unique idea such as speed dating while hatchet throwing? Let’s make it happen!

Nothing makes us happier than making your crazy event idea come to life!

1 Hour
For the Entire Space!
It's a fast and exciting way to have fun, like a short break for office teams or a burst of fun at a birthday.
Fits easily into busy schedules.
Contact Us to Book!
3 Hours
For the Entire Space!
Great for larger groups to all have a turn without waiting too long.
Allows for a complete party with games, food, and time to celebrate. Perfect for large corporate events or milestone birthdays.
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Ready to Unleash Your Inner Axe-pert?

Do you dream of sticking the bullseye every time? Want to learn proper technique from a champion? Braeden, a multiple-time qualifier for Worlds and US Open, including a 5th place finish at the US Open and 10+ regional victories, is here to take your axe throwing to the next level.

Braeden doesn’t just win, he teaches. Since 2019, he’s been sharing his expertise with aspiring throwers, crafting personalized coaching sessions that meet you exactly where you are in your axe-throwing journey.

Here’s what Braeden’s coaching can do for you:

  • Master the throw: Learn proper form, technique, and safety protocols.
  • Sharpen your accuracy: Increase your chances of hitting the bullseye consistently.
  • Boost your confidence: Feel comfortable and empowered on the throwing lane.
  • Dominate the competition: Take your skills to the next level and impress your friends.

Braeden’s coaching is flexible! Sessions can be held anytime, anywhere, including private events. Packages start at just $50/hour, with discounts for bundled sessions.

Ready to throw like a champion?

Book your private coaching session today!