The Basics
How much does it cost, should I make reservations, how does axe throwing work, all questions that you may need to know ahead of time.
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How much does it cost to throw axes at Hurling Hatchet?

In general, the cost for axe throwing is $20 for 1 hour per person. Your reservation includes a safety briefing and Axe Coach.  See pricing for more options.


Should I make reservations?

Yes. It’s typical for us to be booked on the weekends. Although walk-ins are welcomed, we highly recommend making reservations. Reservations are the only way to guarantee your axe throwing experience.




How does indoor axe throwing work?

Axe throwing is similar to dart throwing and a bowling alley. You will be throwing an axe at a target in your reserved lane. So wrap both hands around the axe handle, lift over your head and aim for that bull’s eye!  Don’t worry, one of our amazing Axe Coaches will help you all the way.

Will someone help me throw an axe?

Yes, we have Axe Coaches. To start, you will have an axe throwing briefing with an Axe Coach. They will teach you a few throwing skills and give you game ideas.


After safety and skill advice, the Axe Coach will step back and play a supporting role in your axe throwing experience.


What should I wear to throw axes?

Closed toe shoes are required. We also recommend wearing loose fitting clothing so you can properly throw an axe.


Can I drink alcohol while I throw axes?

Absolutely we have a variety of drinks available for you to enjoy while throwing with us.  Keep in mind, safety is our number one priority and should you have had a little too much fun prior to throwing, we will have to ask you to sit this one out.