Scoring, axe throwing terms, rRules and throwing etiquette
Scoring, Rules, Hurling Hatchet, axe throwing, lane, bay, frenching, match, backboard, throwing etiquette, Axe Coach, World Axe Throwing League
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We recommend a leisurely and fun game of axe throwing. We follow the guidance of the World Axe Throwing League.


Here is handy information to use when you want to make axe throwing competitive:


  1. Match: A game, a.k.a match, consists of each player throwing 10 times. Note: A typical league night allows every participant 4 matches.
  2. Point Leader Starts: Each player should throw 10 times for one match. After everyone throws one match, the scores should be tallied and the point leader should kick-off set 2. Repeat with the point leader after matches 2 – 4.
  3. Scoring:
    • Bull’s Eye: The bull’s eye is worth 6 points.
    • Additional Rings: All rings around the bull’s eye have labeled point values (1-4 points).
    • Blue Dots: Blue dots are 10 points a.k.a. Kill shots. The kill shots are only available on the 10th throw. Otherwise the blue dots are worth 1 point (the value of the ring they are in).
    • Drop: If the axe drops off the target it is worth zero points.

Axe throwing terms

Here are handy axe throwing terms from the World Axe Throwing League:

Axe: technically a hatchet used in all standard competition and at Hurling Hatchet.  It’s literally in the name.

Lane: one target setup.

Bay: consists of two lanes and two targets.

Fencing: 9 gauge heavy chain link fencing to separate the lanes from one another as well as the outside social area.

Backboard: plywood backing to support and mount target boards.

Match: a player throwing 10 times in a row.

Drop: an axe that does not remain sticking in the target, and falls out before being retrieved, resulting in 0 points.


Hurling Hatchet Match Rules:

  1. Stand behind the red line to throw the axe.
  2. All throws must be made: a) 1 hand holding the axe & over or behind the head or b) 2 hands holding the axe & over or behind the head.
  3. All scoring is based on where the majority of the axe head lands on the target. As long as the axe is touching the higher value ring, the higher amount of points is awarded.
  4. To score, the axe must make one rotation or more.
  5. To be a good sport, the point leader should throw first at the start of a set.

Throwing Etiquette

  • Always give the person throwing the axe plenty of room. This means at least 4 feet of cleared space around the person at all times.
  • Put the axe in the lane box after your set.
  • Wear loose fitting clothing so you can make the full range of motion for axe throwing.
  • Closed toe shoes are required.
  • Like bowling, stay in your lane.
  • Indoor axe throwing is encouraged as a group activity for all ages and skill levels. Please respect the different abilities of everyone.
  • The point leader throws first. The person with the next highest point is second and so on.
  • Consult your Axe Coach if you have questions.
  • Have fun!